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What is Glaucoma?

It is a condition that causes damage to your eye’s optic nerve. Glaucoma is often the result of pressure that builds inside the eye. Most of the time a hereditary disease, it may not show up until later in life. Glaucoma is a disease that gets worse with time. So, Neo vision, the glaucoma eye specialist in Pune recommends taking proper and immediate care.

Why is the immediate care needed?

  • The increase in pressure called the intraocular pressure causes damage to the optic nerve.
  • The optic nerve is responsible for transmitting images to the brain.
  • If the damage to the eyes due to high pressure continues, Glaucoma can cause permanent damage to the eyes and hence, immediate and proper care needs to be taken.

What are the symptoms of Glaucoma?

Glaucoma develops through the years and not many people experience any symptoms of glaucoma. The first and foremost sign of Glaucoma is loss of peripheral or side vision, which can go unnoticed till a very later stage.

Glaucoma is one of the most serious reasons you should have a complete eye examination from a specialist once a year which greatly helps in detecting the signs of glaucoma.

Some of the common symptoms of glaucoma are:

  • Seeing halos around lights
  • Vision loss
  • Redness in the eye
  • Eye that looks hazy (particularly in infants)
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Pain in the eye
  • Narrowing of vision (tunnel vision).

Glaucoma Treatment:

Glaucoma can be treated with prescribed eye drops, laser surgery or microsurgery.

Eye drops for glaucoma are available in two forms, ones that reduce the formation of fluid in the front of the eye and the ones that reduce the outflow. The eye drops for Glaucoma can have side effects like allergy, redness of the eyes, brief stinging, blurred vision, and irritated eyes. Laser surgery increases the outflow of fluid from the eye in open-angle glaucoma or eliminates fluid blockage in angle-closure glaucoma. Laser surgery may be a trabeculoplasty where laser is used to pull open the trabecular meshwork drainage area; or a iridotomy where a tiny hole is made in the iris that allows the fluid to flow more easily or a cyclophotocoagulation in which a laser is used to treat the middle layer of the eye, reducing the production of fluid.

Microsurgery for glaucoma is called a trabeculectomy where a new channel is created to drain the fluid thus reducing intraocular pressure that causes glaucoma. For some patients a glaucoma implant is the best option. Neo vision, known for glaucoma treatment in Pune advises patients to not take this situation lightly. The only way to prevent or control glaucoma is its early diagnosis and early treatment.

Here are some of Frequently asked questions

Ans: The only way to prevent or control glaucoma is its early diagnosis and early treatment. Usually glaucoma is easily controllable by putting drops daily.

Ans: Damage by glaucoma can be prevented only if it is detected early. if anyone has family history of glaucoma , then strict eye checkups as per recommendation of you eye doctor is mandatory