LASIK Surgery

Refractive Surgery includes any surgery that is done to reduce one’s dependency on glasses. LASIK surgery is the most common vision correction procedure all over the world.

LASIK –Laser In Situ Keratomilieusis surgery basically involves two steps- Creating a precise thickness flap on the cornea ( glass like covering of eye)  and then using excimer laser to alter its shape to give  clear vision without glasses. In bladeless LASIK, instead of a motorized blade, another laser called as Femtosecond Laser is used to create flap, thereby increasing safety, efficacy and predictability of the LASIK surgery.


With its excellent safety profile, patient comfort and superior visual outcomes, Blade-free LASIK is among the fastest-growing refractive surgical techniques in the country today .The procedure is a simple, painless and comfortable solution that allows the patient to adapt to a life free from glasses. The wavefront optimized platform gives best image quality with a clearer vision. The entire vision correction procedure takes less than 15 minutes in time and patients are able to resume their day to day activities right from next day

At NEO VISION EYE CARE, along with providing the best in eye care, we believe educating our patients and keeping them up-to- date with modern technology that plays a key role in making your experience of surgery a painless and memorable one.Here are some of frequently asked questions for getting rid of your glasses

Here are some of frequently asked questions for getting rid of your glasses

  1. What is LASIK surgery

In simple terms, LASIK surgery involves reshaping of your cornea (the front glass like covering of  eye) using highly precise laser called EXCIMER LASER

  1. What is bladeless LASIK SURGERY?

With the introduction of Femtosecond LASER it is now possible to perform LASIK treatment entirely without using a mechanical device which requires a microfine blade (microkeratome); In other words laser replaces the blade giving it an extra edge in safety and precision

  1. Am I fit for LASIK SURGERY?

Your Eye surgeon would first perform a clinical assessment of your eyes and would recommend a test called as Topography which would enable them to decide whether you are fit for LASIK surgery or not.

Around 10% of patients are labelled unfit for LASIK surgery. That is why it is mandatory to undergo a proper pre-LASIK checkup with your LASIK surgeon

  1. Can I get permanent spectacle independence even if I am not fit for LASIK surgery?

Yes . There are special lenses that can be implanted inside your eyes safely and permanently to give you spectacle independence. These are permanent lenses which stay inside your eye and are called Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

  1. What is the recovery time after LASIK surgery

Ans. LASIK surgery itself is a painless surgery which gets over in less than 5 minutes. The patient can get back to routine activities right from next day of surgery.



What you are likely to experience after the procedure:

  • Mild or moderate watering  from both eyes is common and can differ from one eye to the other on the day of treatment.
  • Foreign body sensation or irritation in the eyes.
  • Occasional appearance of small red spots on the white surface of both eyes
  • Sensitivity to bright light.
  • Hazy vision on the day of the treatment.


  • You should instill your eye drops according to the prescription.
  • You should clean your eye lid margins from the day after your treatment with sterile cotton using boiled water.
  • You can have your normal food.
  • You should blink your eyes gently and frequently on the day of treatment.
  • You can watch TV, read books, from the day after your treatment.
  • You can work on computers from the 3rd day of your treatment.
  • You can take bath down from your shoulders from the day after surgery.
  • You can wipe and clean your face away from the eye.
  • Use protective sunglasses when you go out for at least 2 weeks after procedure


  • Do not expose your eyes to dust.
  • Do not touch or rub your eyes.
  • Do not take head bath for at least a week after procedure.
  • Do not keep your eyes open for long duration.
  • Do not swim for six weeks.
  • Do not use eye make-up for one month.
  • Avoid exercises for 1 week.

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